Panasonic Electronic Components

         Chii Yan provides Panasonic electronic components as a professional and reliable agent for over 30 years. We offer an optimal solutions to requirements and meet the needs beyond customer satisfaction. 

         Product Line as below:

 連接器 Board to Board Connector/ FPC/FFC Connector/ MIPTEC

 開關 Light Touch/ Tactile Switch

 繼電器 Power/ SSR/ Signal/ Automotive/ PhotoMos Relay

​ 感測器 Sensor/ Pressure Sensor

 被動 Cap

Board to Board Connector

0.25mm~0.5mm pitch

High quality

Ligh Touch/ Tactile Switch

Top Push/ Side Push



Small Size

no noise

Long Life Cycle

High Function

PaPIRs Sensor

Long Distance Sensing

Low Power Consumption

muti angle sensing

High quality